The River and the Hill



My studio is located high above a deep river valley, within the North Pennine hills of Northumberland. It commands a clear view for more than forty-five miles, revealing many dramatic vistas northward to Hadrian’s Wall, the Borders and Scotland beyond. The studio was once a tall hay barn attached to an ancient stone dwelling. A small stream, here called in Nordic ‘syke’, flows through the courtyard and down to the River West Allen, eventually joining the River Tyne and finally flowing into the North Sea at Tynemouth.

I work here as a painter, visualizing and making pictures, some painted as large canvases, other smaller works on both canvas or paper. I paint the landscape and it’s wild creatures, often inspired by the river and hills close to my studio. Over time I have made studies of trout and salmon as a long-term project, aiming to make a permanent record of their species’. For these I sometimes work from individual specimens bought to me by fishermen from many locations. With initial, detailed studies, I have often then created large canvases depicting the species’ life strategies within their own space.

05 - The Valley-001

Watching the light and shadow, the effects of weather and seasonal change, my landscapes are also partly observed and partly imagined, so my empirical observations and imagination begin to co-exist on my canvas.

'Thaw' Acrylics on canvas 1476x1316

My trout and salmon paintings have been published in books and magazines, journals and scientific papers. A collection of these and other images are held at the Natural History Museum Image Resources in London and available for public use. A large collection of my original salmon paintings are permanently exhibited at L’Conservatoire National du Saumon Sauvage in France. My landscape and wildlife works are currently held in numerous private and public collections worldwide.

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